The Fam

Nick&Matt(resize)That’s Matt Blasquez on the left and Nick Blasquez on the right. Brothers and lifelong gym partners.

We’ve always been into health and fitness, it’s just our thing. But as the years have passed we’ve realized more and more how much of what we are told about getting healthy is worthless and destructive crap. Pair that with the superstar ability to believe our own self-destructive excuses, and it’s little wonder most of us feel horrible and feel that we look horrible. But getting fit isn’t complicated at all if you get a little help from your friends.

Which is what drives us to be a resource for heath information and inspiration.

Matt Blasquez is an ex-Army fitness trainer and NASM personal trainer. He’s working on a BS in nutrition from University of Hawaii and is the most creative workout designer in town. Rapid body transformation and eating for athletic performance are his specialties.

Nick Blasquez is a NFPT personal trainer, NESTA kettlebell coach, NESTA weight management specialist, and certified fitness nutritionist. Vegi/Vegan fitness and pain reduction via body restoration are his specialties.